Shipley & Halmos Releases A Book Capturing Their Quintessential Customer

Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos set out to capture the spirit of the quintessential customer for their infamous line, Shipley & Halmos. With the help of a photo booth, the designer duo traveled around the country visiting an array of Barneys COOP locations, from Beverly Hills to Houston, and combined the images they took into their first photography book, We're An American _______; no professional styling or make up, just the Shipley & Halmos customer as they are. The pair is not a stranger to hitting the road, with a Refinery29 photo diary to show for it, but this is the first hardcover book by S&H Publishers. As much as the book gives us a look at the Shipley & Halmos coast-to-coast journey they took this past summer, it also shares the personalities and sense of style for the individuals they met. According to the Shipley & Halmos website, the canvas-bound books is not just about fashion, but the individuals who they encountered along the way. We're An American _______, $40, can be purchased exclusively on their website and Barney's locations country-wide.

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