Shipley & Halmos’ Secret FW Weapons Revealed: Vita Coco, Sour Patch Kids, and a Furry Assistant

Misters Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos picked up their iPhones and documented the fittings, dry runs, and madness leading up to the presentation of their fall/winter '09 collection—just for you.
Above, from left: "We tried confirming this model for our show, but he had an exclusive with Galliano in Paris. As a favor, he did a walk for us so we could show the rest of the models a real example of power, determination, and masculinity. So chic!" "Jocelyn, the lighting guru of all lighting gurus, doing who knows what with these crazy goggles. We don't ask questions."
Above, from left: "This Vita Coco stuff is one of our two secret weapons for making it through the long days. The other—Sour Patch Kids. Try to eat just one. We dare you." "One of our design assistants, Roscoe, who, when not sleeping on the job, enjoys chewing on models shoes during fittings."

Above, from left: "A fitting at our studio one afternoon. This was the first time we saw one of the body suits under a dress. It got an instant thumbs up. Also, our studio amazingly looks clean in this picture, but believe us when we say it was absolutely filthy." "The show lineup. This is the first season we actually had a board with printed pictures of every model in their look with notes about accessories and styling. There's a reason you see this backstage at every show."
"The men's boots we used on all the guys in the show. The Generic Man made them for us. We love their simplicity and clean line—a classic Chelsea boot."
"Everything was very calm and remained that way until about 15 minutes before the models went out. Big shout out to Lee and Tom for running such a tight ship, and our girls Jenn, Jenny, Jaclyn, and Kiki, shown here enjoying a brief moment of relaxation backstage before the madness!"
"Sam putting the finishing touches on our show music, which was a continuous soundtrack we created using various Radiohead songs, beats, and samples."
"This is such a beautiful picture of Haidee Findlay-Levin, the stylist we collaborated with on the show, standing backstage in front of the dressing area." "The Individualists walking during the parade at the end of the show. Seeing all 42 models zigzagging together throughout the space was our favorite moment."

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