Today In Things We Wish We Invented: The Hands-Free Texting Umbrella

Why does it feel like it only rains on our busiest days — the days we're running around from meeting to meeting with coffee and iPhone already in-hand and you somehow need to finagle an an umbrella too. But, an equally ridiculous and genius invention just changed those moments forever. And before you shake off the ShedRain hands-free texting umbrella as an unnecessary As Seen On TV-type purchase, hear us out: It's the item every fashion person didn't know they needed.
Utilizing a simple, clever design that slips over your hand and rests on your shoulder, the texting umbrella allows both hands to be free for texting, digging through your bag for your MetroCard, carrying a shopping bag, or whatever you need to be doing — all while staying dry. And we have just one question: Where the hell has this been all of our lives?
There are a few slight downsides to acknowledge, though — or rather, suggestions we'd like to make. For one, we wish that the part of the umbrella shaft that rests on the shoulder had a bit of patting of some sort, because the idea of the "black electrostatic steel shaft" pressing into our collarbone sounds like it might not be the most comfortable thing. Second, it's worth noting that this is a manual-open umbrella, which means it doesn't just expand with the click of a button (we like efficiency, okay?!). Third, it's clearly not the most stylish accessory — though it is far better-looking than the umbrella hat, which is currently threatening to make a comeback at men's fashion week in Italy. Still, next time you end up carrying a ton of stuff and it starts to pour, you won't have to look down at the non-hands-free umbrella hanging from your wrist and think, "Guess I'm just going to run for it," as soon as the skies open up. And for that, we're forever grateful.
Coming in at just $25, we feel like this is both a savvy investment in ourselves and a great gift for our busiest friends. It's 2018, after all, and we deserve the luxury of being able to send memes from everywhere — including the middle of a rainstorm.
ShedRain Hands-free Texting Umbrella, $25, available at ShedRain.

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