These Scents Are Hot Sex In A Bottle

We humans like to pretend we've evolved past our primordial caveman nature, but at the end of the day, we're just animals with skin-care routines and iPhone Xs. We may not walk around the bar literally sniffing potential partners' butts, but we're still picking up those pheromones that tell our brains "hump this one!" or "bark at that one!"
And on nights when we're feeling especially carnal, we like to spray ourselves in scents that will make our bodies even more irresistible. And those scents, by and large, feature at least one of two things: vanilla and musk. Vanilla, because it's a treat that lights up the reward part of our brain. Musk, because it's balls. The subconscious is a beautiful — and quite simple — thing.
Ahead, the fragrances our editors wear when they want to turn the heat all the way... oh, forget it, they're what we reach for when we want to get laid.

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