The Best New Fragrances All Have One Thing In Common

Some people call it cuffing season; others call it what it is: a months-long stretch of cold, gray weather so devastating to the human spirit that we seek out warm bodies in an effort to forget we all eventually die alone. Whatever it is, it’s on, and so is our search for a sexy — but not desperate — scent to act as a siren song.
Sexy is subjective, but at the end of the day, it requires one element: musk. Musk, which in Sanskrit, means testicle. Musk, which once referred quite literally to the odor secreted from the glands of a male animal marking its territory, but now is made synthetically. Musk, which carries pheromones that attract potential mates, is what you want in your fragrance this fall, and musk is what you'll get in all the best new bottles on shelves.
Get ready to smell hot as balls.

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