Are These Single-Use Polish Pods As Convenient As They Say?

When we first wrote about Sephora's new single-use nail-polish pods, the responses were decidedly mixed. While many of you were stoked about the convenience factor, many more were concerned (rightfully so) about the environmental impact these disposable nail hues might create.
So, when we finally got our hands on some samples to test them out, we weren't really sure how we'd feel about them ourselves. We definitely do our best to be as earth-friendly as possible, but we also really like products that make our lives easier. So, we decided to put our qualms to the side and just test these out with one question in mind: Do they work?
Our beauty director Megan, a self-proclaimed manicure-challenged individual, took them to the Beauty Test Lab to give them a go. Watch the video to see her experience. As for that initial moral dilemma, while we can't say we'd recommend these for regular use (that's a lot of accumulated waste over the years), we will say that, as an occasional buy for travel or on-the-go emergencies, these are pretty handy. Do with that what you will.
Sephora Formula X Press Pods, $39 for set of 24, available at Sephora.