Save Fashion Countdown! Meet Sam & Dino, the Creative Cuties Behind the Store Design

When we first decided to start up Save Fashion in the Port Authority Bus Terminal, we knew that we and our creative partners over at Office of Air were going to need a lot of help transforming the semi-derelict storefront on the corner in one of the cities' most crowded and notoriously claustrophobic locations into sample sale paradise. Luckily, we didn't have to look far--Sam Wheeler and Dino Siampos of the design firm Aux Armes just happen to work out of the office next door. We kind of get to obsess over Sam and Dino's style everyday when we pass by their space, and a trip to their little nook to hear updates about their work (they've designed storefront displays for Barneys) or their band, Soft (so good) is a regular treat. Last time we stopped by, Dino said whipping up the Save Fashion displays out of
mostly donated material allowed them "room to be free." "We don't care about dictating or being dictated to. Although we're attached to the work, we're more attached to the process. Not having fashion on the mannequins allowed us to take things as far as we could," Dino said. "The cracks carried the idea further." Be sure to give a moment to what they've done with the cracks and concrete when you're whipping through our racks of discounted gems in a fashion frenzy, and as for us? We'll be sharing a beer with them at Lit while singing along to New Order this weekend.

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