Sarah Jessica Parker’s Denim DIY Is So Worth Stealing

There was a time when high school hierarchies were strictly divided into those who had Jordache jeans, and those who didn't. If Jordache and Sarah Jessica Parker have any say, that embroidered horse head will once again be the logo to look for in denim. The Jordache Look collection launched in June, and while it may smart ever so slightly that '70s and '80s silhouettes are now officially "heritage," the capsule collection of sexy, high-waisted premium denim was nonetheless catnip to our vintage-loving hearts (ditto for the campaign featuring Ms. Parker serving some very "nothing comes between me and my Jordache" looks). Now, the brand launches its fall '15 denim collection, available exclusively at Walmart, and featuring a thoroughly modern selection of cropped skinnies, zip-pocket moto jeans, and cool high-waisted styles. With prices starting at $16, it's a decidedly less premium line than the Jordache Look collection, ensuring we can all be among the "haves." We sat down to chat with the face of the new campaign, Sarah Jessica Parker, who told us why her denim obsession runs deep — and clued us in on a new-to-us, thrifty trick from the '70s that may give the raw-hem denim trend a run for its money. What was the first pair of jeans you were ever obsessed with?
"My sister's jeans! This would be about 1976, 1977 — she was 12, two years older than me, and had these incredible high-waisted, patch-pocket jeans I coveted. As she grew taller, my mom had to keep adding tapestry tape to the hems. A lot of people don't remember that, but it's a thick tapestry fabric that comes in ribbons, and back in the day, that's what you did when you outgrew your jeans. Finally, my sister got too tall for them, and I inherited those jeans."
As a little sister, I inherited all my clothes, too.
"Oh, and that kept going. A few years later, I inherited a pair of Jordache jeans from a girl — I still remember her name, Michelle Scamporino, we worked together on a show. She and another actress I worked with gave me their old Jordache jeans, and I was in heaven. That was the coveted brand."

What's your go-to jean?
"I like a slim fit, but I have a lot of jeans, and the ones I wear day to day depends on if I'm feeling in shape or out of shape. I think on an out-of-shape day, jeans are your best friends, because dresses just do not do the same work."

Is there any jean on your "never would I ever" list?
"My only rule is not to wear the ones that don't look good on me! I wouldn't even be aware of opinions on a rise, or a waist, or skinny-leg versus drainpipe jean. Jeans are the most personal thing you can wear, so I say just wear the ones you love and that make you feel good." The Jordache women's collection is available exclusively at Walmart.

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