A Silicon Valley Tent Is Going For $850 A Month

Photo: Courtesy of Coleman.

The S.F. real estate crisis really shows no signs of improving. Whether it’s an $800-a-month shed or $1,000 for a spot on a couch, the options for a place in the Bay seem to be getting ever more desperate. But this might be the craziest listing we’ve stumbled upon yet, and it's a true testament to just how out of control things are.

A host on Airbnb has listed a tent (yes, a tent) with a "prime" Mountain View location, right next to Google. The place goes for $46 a night — or $850 a month, if you're looking for an extended stay.

It includes access to the main house for bathroom and kitchen use, and guests are permitted one shower a day. The real perks, though? The host lists amenities like "seeing self-driving cars" among the highlights of the pad. It also comes with Internet, heating, and a first-aid kit.

Call us old-fashioned, but we'll go for a real roof over self-driving cars, thanks. Take a look at the property here, and be prepared to weep.

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