This Tiny Silicon Valley Shed Is Going For $800 A Month

Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Wilson.
Whether it’s a 400% rent hike or a sofa space being listed for $1,000 a month, the Bay Area housing market gets more extreme each day. And, in case we needed further proof that it’s practically impossible to move anywhere in this city, this is it. In fact, this might just be rock bottom. 

According to SFist, this 120-square-foot Menlo Park shed (yes, as in tool shed) could be yours for the bargain price of $800 a month. The features? No running water or heat, a mini fridge, and access to the main-house bathroom four times a week. Sounds like a charmer, right? Hey, at least there's a skylight.

Wondering how the whole no-bathroom thing works? The previous tenant, who was a student at Stanford, brought in a water dispenser with a jug attached and a pitcher and basin for "showering." The listing suggests reaching out to the poor co-ed for additional tips and hacks.

While the listing is alarming, it's definitely not atypical considering the current state of the housing crisis. And, people are starting to take other drastic measures, such as building homes in parking spaces to solve the issue. So, maybe a shed isn't looking too shabby?

Take a peek at the pictures of the property here. Now, excuse us while we go cry.      

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