This Has Got To Be The Craziest Craigslist Ad Ever

mainPhotographed by Andrew Paynter
So, you know a few weeks back when we thought this graphic-designed roommate casting was the wackiest S.F. Craigslist ad we’d ever laid eyes upon? Okay, well we take that back. Truly a sign of how brutal the rental landscape is right now, some wishful thinker has offered a spot on their sofa in — wait for it — a studio apartment, for a staggering $1,075.
Requirements? Oh, you know, bringing your own sleeping bag and a $1,500 deposit. But, think about the perks — you get a one-of-a-kind view of the picturesque cable car, and are walking distance to the Mission from…Market Street? Sorry, but every glimpse of an upside is shrouded by the fact you’re still paying over a grand to live on a stranger’s sofa. Seriously, is this what this world city is coming to? The saddest part? It's probably already rented. (Jezebel)

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