Sagittarius Season Is Here & It’s Time To Have Some Fun

Photographed by Megan Madden.
We are moving out of the deep emotional waters of Scorpio season and into the fun loving adventurous Sagittarius Sun on November 21st PST and 22nd EST until the Winter Solstice, which occurs on December 21st. As we shift emotional and elemental gears, we’ll be moving faster, hustling harder, and finding wanderlust activities to dip into during the last month of fall. 
Sagittarius is the sign of intellect, philosophy, freedom, liberty, and truth—making it the most idealistic zodiac sign. No matter how tough life may seem at the moment, we will be able to land on our feet, manifest abundance, and take rewarding risks throughout the lucky days ahead. 
Being that Sagittarius is the sign of travel, wisdom, and autonomy, we will be opening ourselves up to new possibilities and experiences. If you’ve wanted to climb Mount Everest or take a gondola ride in Venice—now is the time to discuss these wanderlust sentiments and streams. Who knows? They could happen faster than you think if you start to think about taking the trip now. Keep in mind that every activity will feel like the ultimate experience—even getting coffee and checking out the local farmer’s market feels like a wonderful escapade. 
Not only will the vibe be chiller—but we’ll want to take on more projects at work to keep busy and connect with people who inspire us to do better. Sagittarius is a do-gooder by nature and loves to help out those in need. After all, the constellation resides in the center of the entrance to the Milky Way, so it is a protector by nature. 
Known as the “spiritual warrior,” the archer is the only zodiac sign armed with a weapon. Its bow and arrow are exactly aligned at the heart of the scorpion in the sky, allowing them to attack those who make sassy comments and to defend people from negative forces. Sagittarius will also take aim at those who aim to bring them down with cynicism, controlling, or manipulative tactics, as the optimistic zodiac sign trots away from those who don’t see the sunny side of life. This means that we are going to shift our thinking and embrace positive vibes. The bow and arrow isn’t the archer’s only weapon. They are known to shoot from the hip with swift and direct words, while unapologetically expressing themselves. Words can hurt now. Try to say what you mean in the nicest way when you say it. 
Since Sagittarius is ruled by the expansive planet Jupiter, we could find ourselves gambling against the house, looking at the bigger picture of matters, not adhering to the norms of society, enjoying the good life, and partying until the crack of dawn. Of course, Sagittarius season could urge us to stay at home, experiment with exotic spices while cooking, and play epic music or read a great nonfiction book. Sagittarius is a mutable sign—so anything goes now. 
In order to truly embrace the Sagittarius sentiment, it’s essential to live and let live. In true Sag fashion, we can forgive—not forgetting is a whole other notion. To keep the peace and harmony, the archer can drop their annoyances and move on within seconds after speaking their mind. As long as we have the last word in situations, we will be able to let go of frustrations. Being heard, seen, and understood is important at all times—especially now. 
Important dates to note in the weeks ahead are:  
• The new moon in Sagittarius on November 23, which is a potent day for manifesting.
• The end of Jupiter retrograde on November 23, which will boost our luck.
• Neptune turns direct in Pisces on December 3, urging us to lean into our intuition.
• The Gemini full moon on December 7, which illuminates our dreams.
• The opposition between the Sagittarius Sun and Mars retrograde in Gemini on December 8, forcing our frustrations to come out. 
• The Sun squares Neptune in Pisces on December 14, heightening our sensitivities. 
• Jupiter re-entering Aries on December 20, taking us back to the visions we began in May.
Remember, the action planet Mars will be moonwalking throughout Sagittarius season. This could make us short fused, exhausted, burnt out, and temperamental. Take care of yourselves by adding self-care to your daily regimen and by being kind to others. What goes around comes around during Sag season, so make sure that you’re paying it forward with compassion and TLC. 

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