The Most Ridiculous Christmas Trees On Social Media

If you celebrate Christmas, you've probably finished adorning your tree by now. Nothing announces the arrival of the most wonderful time of the year like setting up a pine — real or artificial — and hanging up your cherished ornaments one by one. Don't have one of your own? Social media still allows us to find some seasonal cheer with all of the pretty photos of decked-out evergreens on our feeds.
However, the Yuletide also brings forth a wave of peculiar decorating decisions. As we scoured Instagram and Twitter for ornamentation inspiration, we came across quite a few interesting examples — from a sad, idle branch to a full-on teen-idol explosion — that made us go "WTF" instead of "wow." In true holiday spirit, we're gifting you 10 trees that will surely bring you a good deal of joy (and head-scratching).

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