S**t Gets Real At The "Whole Foods Parking Lot" In New Hilarious Viral Video

There's nothing like a good viral video to get us in a peppy mood, especially when the subject of said video happens to be a well-known and dreaded activity for any Angelino. Yes, we're talking about parking at Whole Foods. Titled Whole Foods Parking Lot, this video features the smooth rap stylings (dubbed "Yuppie Rap" by some bloggers) of a guy named DJ Dave of Fog and Smog Films, who actually happens to be a composer at L.A.'s Elias Arts. Let us just tell you, we have definitely seen things get "real" in the Whole Foods parking lot from time to time, and it's not pretty (think bumper cars for Prius drivers—except they don't look like they're having fun). Nothing like making light of an unnecessarily stressful situation! Turns out we aren't the only fans of this Lonely Island-meets-Modern Family comedic music video—everyone from Ryan Seacrest to Lil Jon seem to be talking about it. Watch below and get ready to laugh until it hurts! Shopping at Whole Foods will never be the same.

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