What You Need To Know About Running In The Rain

Illustrated by Jenny Kraemer.
When it rains, it pours — but do you still go for your run? Sure, says pro runner Scott Jurek in Women’s Health. And, he should know — Jurek spent more than a decade training in perpetually rainy Seattle. But, before you head out, there are a few wet-weather precautions to take.
First, consider your apparel. A dark, stormy day is the best time to break out your brightest workout clothes, since the rain makes it more difficult for drivers to view the road clearly. If your run is taking place in the evening hours, toss on some reflective gear as well. If the temperature calls for shorts, Jurek suggests wearing tight-fitting compression shorts under your regular pair to help prevent chafing. Also, consider tossing on a hat or visor protect your eyes. Equally important, check your kicks to make sure you won’t be slipping on the wet ground. For better grip, avoid sneakers with a smooth sole, and wear ones with grooves deeper than one millimeter.
And, always remember to use common sense. A run in a light rain shower is fine, but if it’s storming and there is lightning involved, head to the treadmill instead. Jurek's tip: If it’s reason enough to cancel a sports event, it’s reason enough to cancel your outside run.
Click through to Women's Health to find out more about how to safely run in the rain. (Women's Health)

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