5 Things To Know This AM — Oct 02 2012

Consider this our dream sitch: Women all over are building their own dream jobs around their passions, and they're succeeding in all kinds of ways (think farming, opening a winery, and starting a band). This new video series follows the ladies around to see what makes them tick, and first up is Charity Thielen, singer and violinist for The Head and the Heart. (Youtube)
As if the Fifty Shades of Grey hysteria wasn't outrageous enough, three self-proclaimed Brooklyn MILFs are now selling their "very used" copies of the trilogy. The book was passed among three friends, like raunchy traveling pants. (Gawker)
Did you catch the premiere episode of the new CBS drama Elementary (starring Lucy Liu, no less)? Turns out the Sherlock Holmes reboot films their supposedly Brooklyn-based scenes in Harlem. (Vulture)
If you're brave enough to bike through our busy, winding streets, you'll get a major kick out of this music vid. It proclaims "Girls on bikes are hot," and we totally agree. (Youtube)
Things are looking up for the Halloween costume-clueless. The guru behind Screaming Mimis is teaming up with Target to help bring creative dress-up to the masses. (Racked)
Photo: Via Youtube

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