What Power Means To The Founder Of This Natural Hair-Care Brand

Rose Ovensehi is the founder of Flora & Curl, a clean and natural hair-care brand for curly and coily hair types. She launched the brand out of her mother’s kitchen in 2017 after not being able to find high-quality, non-toxic products while transitioning to her natural texture. What started as a small venture with just three products is now a full line on Ulta Beauty shelves everywhere. Here’s how Ovensehi finds her power.

I feel most powerful when...

I'm making someone else feel better about themselves, when I'm able to have a positive impact on someone. That happens most often when people try our hair products and start to embrace their natural curls. Once they see how much healthier their curls become, it makes them feel more confident. And in my personal life, giving advice makes me feel powerful because I know that I am helping someone.

Power to me means...

The ability to effect change at all different levels — in organizations, systems, society, your company, your family, or within yourself.

What do you do when you feel powerless? 

I go inward. I become very self-reflective in order to understand what exactly is making me feel this way, whether I'm disappointed, sad, tired, or drained. Usually I'll retreat and find solace in self-care. It’s about being a little bit selfish with my time and indulging in activities that make me feel good. My priority becomes making sure that my mind is at 100%, because if my cup isn't full, there's no way I'm going to be able to give you that. I need to refill and recharge before I can give.

What’s your power anthem? 

“Break My Stride,” by Matthew Wilder. That might be cliche, but I love that song.

Who’s your power icon? 

I wouldn't say I have an icon. I find it difficult to choose someone as my icon because no one is perfect. I don't want to place expectations on any other human being.

What do you wear when you want to feel powerful? 

I’ll wear white. Whether it's a nice office top or a formal skirt, I feel like it makes me stand out.

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