3 Elevated Looks For All Your Rooftop Hangs

It's high FOMO season. Everyone (including yourself) is going nuts on RSVPing and Instagramming all the requisite summer happenings around town: the BBQs with the fambam, the boozy brunches, and a bajillion weddings you’re required to attend (and bring a gift to). But, then, in a sea of been-there-done-that mediocrity, something cool pops up: a rooftop bash. Well, that’s interesting. You’ll definitely go to that. Just one teeny tiny Q, though: what to wear?
Before you resort to your trusty denim cutoffs or approach the occasion as if you’re walking the red carpet (What? Is this crystal dress too much?), watch this video featuring stylist and R29 contributor Hannah Dilworth. She shows us how to put together three next-level, colorful looks that'll help you stand out in the crowd and rule the rooftops this season.
Styled by Doria Santlofer; Hair & Makup by Andrew Colvin; Shooting and editing by Ben Poster, Maia Stern, and Stephanie Szerlip; Opener image photographed by Julia Robbs

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