Real Art On Your Nails: DIY This Gorg Mani Inspired By A Masterpiece

This summer, we've been captivated by the Corcoran Gallery's exhibition of artist Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park paintings. The colorful, geometric works were influenced by life in his Southern California beach town in the '70s, and just a quick tour through the gallery leaves you feeling laid-back and just a bit more zen, for the rest of the day.
To capture that soft, retro-cool look outside the gallery, artist and nail tech Breanne Trammell created a how-to video for Daily Candy that offers up plenty of tips for channeling Diebenkorn's style into nail art. Fingernails might be tiny compared to some of the artist's canvases, but you can still master that summer-in-SoCal effect with muted pastel colors, vaguely geometric shapes, and strong lines. Click through for the DIY. (Daily Candy)
Photo: Via Daily Candy

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