The $10 Mascara That Makes Lashes Look So Much Darker

Finding a mascara formula that gives you a stand-out look without looking like a hungover Twiggy by the end of the day is hard. Anything that promises to provide a fuller result can clump in one swipe and smudge all over your face — except this one. Rimmel London's newest mascara is all about tinting your lashes over time, but it also adds major drama to any eye look in an instant. With just one swoop, you’ll notice right away that the formula is super wet. Usually, this means you're headed into sticky, spidery territory. But the slick formula actually works in this mascara's favor. With all that moisture, you're left with jet-black lashes that dry immediately and last for hours. And while it is long-lasting, you won't be stuck in the bathroom for 20 minutes trying to scrub it off before bed. But there's an added bonus to this innovative formula: It actually tints your lashes — well, sort of. We had staffer Chace Beech test the product on her very blond eyelashes for two whole weeks (the minimum amount of time it takes to see results, according to the brand). For the most part, her results were impressive. Beech says that while her eyelashes certainly didn't turn brunette right away, but that she's noticed a change certainly happening — just at a slower rate.
If you're looking for a full lash transformation, your best bet is with a pro tinting session. But if you're willing to wait a while — and get soft, fluttery, flake-free lashes in the process — then this mascara is just what you need. And for under $10? Yeah, we can dig that. Rimmel London Volume Colourist Mascara, $8.49, available at Walgreens.
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