31 High-Tech Pieces Of Workout Gear That Might Actually Save Your Life

The days are darker, colder, and shorter this time of year. So if you're still getting your outdoor workouts in, we seriously applaud you. But we'd also like you to stay, you know, alive — which, it turns out, is a bit more of a challenge during the winter. (And we're not just exaggerating about the cold.)

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 66,000 pedestrians were injured in car accidents, and almost 5,000 were killed in 2013. But nearly three-fourths of those fatalities occurred in dark conditions, rather than in daylight or at dusk. And from the months of December through February, deaths were most likely between the hours of 6 and 9 p.m. (our prime post-work fitness time).

The good news is that there is one easy way to make yourself more visible to drivers: by wearing bright and/or reflective clothing. Admittedly, the research isn't totally clear on how effective these things are when it comes to safety. For instance, a 2012 study of cyclists found that participants were no less likely to get into an accident when wearing high-visibility gear.

However, a recent Cochrane review of 42 studies did find that reflective materials made it much easier for drivers to see pedestrians and cyclists on the road. Whether or not that improvement actually translates to fewer injuries or deaths is still up for debate.

Still, we think the effort is more than worth it. Plus, plenty of companies have found some subtle ways of incorporating high-visibility material into their workout clothes. This means we're not talking about gaudy, bright colors or scratchy, reflective fabric, but instead details that shine just when you need them to. Click through to see 31 workout gear options that'll really help you stand out when it matters most.

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This jacket has so many pockets you'll be looking around for extra stuff to put in 'em.
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In addition to reflective elements on these leggings, their Go-Warm technology keeps you warm and cozy.
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These leggings have an internal waistband for the perfect fit.
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Under light, these black gloves shine in a rainbow pattern you won't want to miss.
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This extremely lightweight jacket boasts an all-over reflective print.
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The perfect place to keep all of your favorite running goodies.
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This jacket may look basic black, but the side panels are totally reflective under light.
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If the bright orange isn't enough for you, this shirt's seams have reflective fabric.
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The splatter print on these tights is impressively reflective.
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This comfy hoodie has thumbholes and a reflective print.
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This water-resistant-yet-breathable jacket has a reflective strip on the back, too.
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Keep your ears warm and add a bit of visibility to your outfit.
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These cute (and bright!) sneakers pack a reflective punch.
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Large reflective patches on these leggings will make sure you stay visible.
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Yep, this whole lightweight backpack is reflective.
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The perfect coat for dreary, rainy days.
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This edgy pair still manages to sneak in some reflective details.
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These were made to wear on a run, but the breathable panels behind the knees (and multiple hidden pockets) make them great for pretty much anything.
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This reflective headband also wicks away sweat.
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An all-over reflective print makes this jacket extra eye-catching.
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Dainty reflective details keep you visible without going all out.
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A double layered T-shirt with reflective details on the front and back for a more casual vibe.
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This lightweight jacket is also packable.
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We're not sure this top can do any wrong — it's windproof, waterproof, and has reflective details.
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Perfect for the walk to your late-night yoga class.
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This comfy tee has reflective seams.
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With a reflective strip at the top, these socks add one more bit of visibility.
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In addition to reflective details, these leggings have an eye-catching metallic print.
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This whole vest is reflective — and cozy!
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The reflective seams here are hidden in that soft, gray fabric — until they're in the light.
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Those cutouts might not keep you warm, but that reflective tape will keep you visible!

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