Attention NYC R29 Readers! We Want To Feature You!

casting call
Here at the R29 offices, there is almost always some sort of photoshoot going on, and we thought it was about time we invite YOU to join the fun. That's right, we're looking for R29 readers in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to feature in our upcoming stories. And, don't think this means you need a long history on the catwalk — we're just on the hunt for confident women who are comfortable in front of a flashing lens.
To apply, email us with the following: Your name, age, occupation, email, daytime phone, job, and availability. Be sure to also include some photos, so we can see your pretty face. We'll need: One full length shot, one tighter portrait, a three-quarter shot. Within these pictures, we'll need a variety. (What? You thought we just wanted three pictures of you doing Blue Steel?) Send us some of you smiling, some that show off your more serious side, some with your hair down, and some with it up — we know you can get into it. Just make sure you're emailing us clear photos that give us a good idea of what you look like — that means no sunglasses and, please, oh, please, no Photobooth pictures.