Wanna Bet? 8 Long-Shot Red Carpet Looks We Still Believe In

While couture might be an appreciate-from-afar genre of fashion for most of us, it's a whole other ball game for celebrities. Regularly spotted front and center at the couture shows eyeballing the one-of-a-kind creations, these stars get a VIP first look and first dibs on the kind of clothing that we can only hope to gawk at through a computer screen. Why, then, with this incredibly fortunate level of elite access, do so few celebrities end up really going for it on the red carpet? 
The 2015 haute couture collections were filled with adventurous fabrics, bold silhouettes, and wacky accessories (headgear, anyone?), that would make wonderful awards show fodder for the starlet who's sick of the Champagne-colored-mermaid-gown cliche. We pulled the craziest moments from this season's shows and are placing our predictions on the likelihood we'll ever see these feats of bravery on the red carpet. Here are our bets on which sartorial daredevil will take the plunge, Fashion Police be damned.

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