A PR Maven Makes The 40s Look Fabulous!

Ever dream of having your own personal beauty guru, the person you can call up in a pinch to ask if that under-eye concealer really works, if that new patchouli-rose fragrance is worth $200, if that night cream will actually transform you to your younger, dewier, less-stressed-looking self? Us, too. Well, NYC Public Relations maven Eden Grimaldi is just such a confidant. With 20 years of expertise working with the best of the best in beauty and lifestyle, Grimaldi knows tons about what makes a successful brand tick and thrive. In fact, it was the emerging companies and collections she herself became obsessed with that inspired her to launch her own boutique agency, MediaCraft, which now caters to a new breed of cult companies that have incredible stories to tell—and killer products to talk about. Though she represents such ultra-cool eateries as Freemans Restaurant, Peels, and Vinegar Hill House, her longtime love is beauty and skincare, with brands like REN, NUDE, Chantecaille, and Woodley & Bunny topping her list of cutting-edge clients. But despite all her impressive industry cred, this is a woman who truly knows the secret to eternal youth...truth: She's 48, but sure doesn't look it. Wanna know her secrets? We did, too. Read on to get an ear—and a medicine-chest—full of tips—and good old, feel-good life inspiration—you, too, will be dying to try.
Nice view! Eden on the roof of her new apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

You own a PR agency that focuses on amazing niche beauty lines and emerging powerhouses in the space...what do you love most about beauty in general?

"It's powerful ability to transform...when you pull together all the forces of hair, makeup, color, etc., you can morph into anything. I also love the self-care rituals that go along with it."

Spillage: Just a few of Eden's favorite makeup bag things, including Nars eyeshadow and Ellis Faas lipcolor.

What's one product you've been using since forever?
"Oh, it has to be my Chanel eyeliner duo with navy and black pots. I love a sultry, smoky eye. It casts the perception that you've been up to something naughty. However, I can't tell you how old it is, as I should have thrown it out over a decade ago. My fave updated version is Chantecaille's Le's idiot-proof."

Left: A lifelong athlete, Eden has legs that a 20-year-old would envy. Little shorts and a striped T-shirt do a body good! Right: The jewelry tree...pretty nifty, right?

You're 48, but you look a million years younger than that...what's your secret or many secrets?
"I'm aware it sounds tired, but for me it really starts with nutrition and fitness. You have to sweat a TON and really use your body. I'm not talking about an easy jog on the treadmill, but pushing yourself to the limit (my sport is Muay Thai—Thai kickboxing—and I try and do it everyday). Give your body what it needs nutritionally. Feed on junk, and you'll look like trash (externally, you can get away with it when you're young, but it does catch up with you eventually). I know my eating regimen (herbivore sans dairy and sugar) makes my skin look healthy and my eyes bright, and elevates my energy. I also swear by oils for hair, face, and body...ones high in essential fatty acids."

Keeping time on a cute little critter.

What's one ritual you'll never stop doing?
"Inversions. I stand on my head to bring blood to my brain and face."

Screw the mani! Eden occasionally likes to mess up her nails on her Spanish guitar.

Any great beauty advice you've picked up over the years you're willing to share?
"Yes, be promiscuous (with your beauty products)...try as many products as you can afford to purchase... sampling is the only way you'll discover what's best for you. Also, seek the advice of experts. I am fortunate that in my line of business I am surrounded by some of the best talent in the industry, and I count many of them as friends. But you can seek out this info, too. Instead of asking just one, ask several hairstylists what they love and the credits in magazines to get the names of top makeup artists, manicurists, etc. and follow their blogs to get advice and recommendations. The celebs who the media follow get this info from the arsenal of experts that surrounds them."

Pretty cuffs and more of the makeup that keeps this 48-year-old looking good.

Biggest beauty myth you've ever heard?
"Cellulite creams get rid of cellulite. Luckily that's one thing I don't need!"

A peek at some of the magic potions in Eden's medicine cabinet.

I know you're my ultimate beauty guru for keeping me on top of the latest and greatest EVERYTHING. What's the one product I have to try ASAP and why?
"BRAD Biophotonic Skin Care...RUN don't walk! It's all about innovation in bio-fermentation and violet light. It's highly potent and activates collagen and elastin networks. You put that stuff on and you think you've entered a time machine…and the packaging is oh-so-chic!"

Here is Eden in her new Williamsburg digs, which kind of mirrors her beauty look...sort of boho-modern.

How would you describe your daily routine?
"Morning is cleanse, treatment serum, moisturizer, eye cream. Night is cleanse, fortifying serum, moisturizer mixed with facial oil, heavier eye cream…in between I exfoliate with scrubs and/or pads and use a mask twice per week. For makeup, I use a bit of foundation applied with a sponge or brush where needed, blush, mascara, and lip. If I'm in the mood or have more time I'll add liner or eyeshadow."

A few of her favorite things, including Nude's miracle serum (this editor uses it, too!).

Any special tricks for snazzing your look up for nighttime?
"I generally go heavier on the eye—smoky but soft metallics, lots of liner, and then a high gloss, but light-in-color lip...I love Bardot's look."

A mess of makeup brushes.

Favorite three products of the moment and WHY?
"I have a lot of favorite products, but if i have to limit it to three right now they would be...
1. Sachajuan Volume Powder: "It's from Stockholm and my holy grail. My hair is thick, long, and wavy, so it's an arduous task to wash (maybe 1-2x per week), so this style powder is my saving grace. Extends a good styling job by hair lift and makes it look cleaner.
2. NUDE Cleansing Facial Oil: "A delicious-smelling oil that turns to a gentle milk when mixed with water…removes my makeup and leaves my skin clean but super dewy."
3. Hourglass Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss in Surreal: "I'm obsessed with the color…it's a little bit nude, a little bit pink, and little bit tangerine with a hint of luminescence...and they have other colors called Eden and Opium."

Eden designed all of her rings, including the amazing moonstone cocktail ring.

Sun or no sun?

"Everyone thinks the sun is the devil…but the most recent research shows Vitamin D deficiency to be at the root of many diseases (Vitamin D cannot be produced by the body, so you either get it from sunlight or you have to supplement). I try and get a minimum of 15 minutes daily on unprotected/bare skin, and it doesn't have to be on your face. After that, run into the shade and take cover."

Gettin' pretty for a night on the town.

Advice to younger woman as they approach their 40s?
"So many younger women tell me they hope they'll either look like me or be like me when they reach my age…meaning I am still perceived as young to them. Toss the numbers game, young vs. old! It's about vitality and life force. You can be 25 and have zero energy and passion, or 45 and possess and put forth a dynamic, vital spirit, and engage in activities that follow suit. Don't be a prisoner to your mind — that's where fear and doubt live. Don't wait for this or that to happen to live your life. Do it now...make a plan then get off your ass and live!"

Don't let her fool ya: Can you believe this woman is 48?

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