Real Girl, Real Beauty: A Stunning S.F. Babe Shows Us How She Gets Gorg

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on July 25.]
We’re all about exploring new beauty frontiers — whether that’s in the form of a twisted new ‘do, a bronzed how-to, or even tricks on combating helmet hair, we're not particular. But, oftentimes the sharpest source of inspiration is found outside salon walls, roaming all over this hilly ‘hood. Yep, that’s right, it's the natural beauty of our local lovelies that leaves us nothing short of breathless.
So, once again, we’re turning to an S.F. stunner — this time it's stylist, staffer, and Hot Rides all-girls motorcycle-club member, Celisse Muller — to school us on everything from her must-try mane styles to out-of-the-box makeup tips. Find out how Muller rolls when it comes to giving good face, right here. And yes, taking notes is encouraged.
Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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What is your signature makeup look?
"I like to take a modern approach to classic looks from the '50s, '60s, and '70s. I suppose my go-to is smooth matte skin, a bold lip color, and cat-eye eyeliner — or what I loving refering to as 'my wings.'"

If you could only use one beauty product for the rest of your life — what would it be?
"Jane Iredale Amazing Base Loose Powder in Satin."

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Where do you find your beauty inspiration?
"My stepmom had great influence on my makeup style. Her eyes were always lined and lips always bold. I don't stray too much from my signature look, so I don't really seek out makeup inspiration. But, I'm open to it when it presents itself. It could come in the form of a person, a blog post, or advice from a friend."

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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A cute cluster of Celisse's personal beauty picks!

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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What's your sneakiest beauty trick?
"I like to put Rosebud Perfume Co. Lip Balm on my eyelids and under my eyes to create a dewey effect."

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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What's one great piece of beauty advice you've received?
"I always had trouble getting my wings on with liquid liner until a friend shared this advice. Start by creating small connecting dashes with the dipped brush along the lash bed until you reach the end, then aim for the end of your brow when creating the wing. Thicken it by adding a connecting line from the point of the wing, back to the lash line. This creates an outline, then color in the blank spots to get a perfect wing."

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Do you have any bad beauty habits you're willing to admit?
"I'll admit it! Sometimes I'm just too tired at night to wash my face and I'll wake up in the morning with scary raccoon eyes."

What's your fave beauty splurge as of late?
"I go through my Jane Iredale powder very quickly and, for my budget, it can be just a tad too pricey. So, when I run out, just being able to buy the next container is a splurge I'll always appreciate."

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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What beauty trends do you want to see retire?
"One thing I am not is a hater. I dig creativity in all forms and any trend someone wants to take on and run with is a-okay in my book. It can all stay!"

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Who are some of your beauty icons?
"From a very young age I've been fascinated by Marilyn Monroe. I love all the classic ladies like Jean Harlow, Bridget Bardot, and Carole Lombard, but also really appreciate our modern gals. I like Kate Moss, Abby Lee Kershaw, and Alexa Chung, too."

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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What are your favorite drugstore buys?
"My favorite products aren't always in my budget, which means I have to take the trip to Walgreens sometimes. I love Burt's Bees everything, Revlon lipsticks, and Physicians Formula Bronzer."

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Celisse giving us good face and sporting her moto crew's signature jacket! Wowza!

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory

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