Your Favorite '90s Movies + A Green Screen = One Clever Fashion Lookbook

There's no denying that '90s style (whether actual or as seen through an Instagram filter) has made a big comeback. Although the ravers, stoners, goths, and princesses may have never hung out in real life, they're definitely all getting mixed together on the racks these days. Anyone who was alive and wearing clothes in the '90s can attest: No single look could possibly define the decade. But, we can all agree that bucket hats and board shorts belong in the '90s Normcore clothing category.
Copenhagen-based men's fashion brand Rascals' new High Summer collection of clothing was inspired by the "totally sweet" decade in such a big way that they wanted to prove their threads would fit seamlessly into the actual '90s. So, they put a model against a green screen and stitched him into a few iconic movies — you know, the ones we'll always be down to watch when they show up on TV. From Wayne's World and Clueless to Home Alone and Scream, this walk down memory lane is filled with plenty of one-liners (not to mention basketball jerseys, short-sleeved polos, and, yes, bucket hats).

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