Rapscallion: A Preview of Samantha Pleet's Romp With Urban Outfitters

As you're no doubt aware by now, designers big and small have been making a b-line for mass market stores like Target, H&M, and Urban Outfitters. Right now, it seems the trend is to steer away from the Cavallis and Kamalis of the world, and toward more indie and adaptable wears. Rapscallion, the new limited line for Urban Outfitters by Refinery29 confrere Samantha Pleet hits this pattern dead center.

Now we'd never call the petite Pleet a "small designer," but she's certainly one of the most "cultish" clothemakers to work for good, old U.O. In Rapscallion, she recasts her goth-and-lollipops tea dresses and rompers for the mass market. The color palette is darker, the materials are less silky, but the combination between cupie doll and coquette Pleet brings to every collection is there in spades. Prepare yourself, suburbia.
Photography by Tim Zaragoza
Rapscallion will be available in October at select Urban Outfitters. For more information go to www.urbanoutfitters.com and www.samanthapleet.com.

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