Take A (Personalized) Ride On Ralph Lauren’s Newest Pony

Ever since we started delving into the world of lady mags back in middle school, we've been obsessed with quizzes and their results: our dream vacay (Paris), which member of *NSYNC is our soulmate (JT, obvi), who wrote the soundtrack to our life (tie between Robyn and Fleet Foxes). So, when Ralph Lauren mixed our love of quizzes with our unabiding passion for beauty, there was no possible way to restrain ourselves.
Like their successful men's series, Ralph Lauren's Big Pony for Women collection consists of four fabulous and unique fragrances tailored to your personality. Take their quiz to find out if you and your perfume are sporty, sensual, free-spirited, or stylish. As you fill out your answers, you'll be treated to an auditory sneak peak of OneRepublic's summer single, "Life in Color," a collaboration with Ralph Lauren to celebrate the collection's launch.
With notes of wild cherry and amber, the quiz totally nailed it by picking the stylish scent (bottle #4) as our olfactory soulmate. Now, if only JT would return our tweets…

Ralph Lauren Big Pony for Women, $70 each, available at Bloomingdales

Photo: Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

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