This Crystal Does So Much More Than Look Pretty

Photo: Getty Images.
From herbal blends to essential oils to plain old table salt, there's a wide variety of spiritual tools to choose from if you're seeking protection from negativity. And, naturally, there's a crystal for that, too: obsidian. Generally speaking, it's a powerful stone for thwarting bad vibes, but there's one type in particular — rainbow obsidian — that's said to be especially useful for personal woes.
Regardless of its color, which can range from opaque black to green to brown, obsidian is commonly believed to protect the user and even encourage the release of negativity from within the user. In practice, obsidian is well-placed in any environment that may cause stress (it'd look right at home next to the cuprite on your desk at work, that's for sure), and it can be helpful to simply hold while meditating.
Rainbow obsidian is said to be best for addressing matters of the heart. As Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro write in Crystal Muse, this variety of stone can have an intensely healing, rejuvenating influence on anyone coping with a breakup, death of a loved one, or an immense loss of any kind. In the same way that regular obsidian can relieve general feelings of stress, rainbow obsidian can help move along the natural grieving process.
Given its capacity for deeply personal healing, rainbow obsidian is one of those stones that works best when there's a skin or touch connection between it and the user. In other words, holding your rainbow obsidian and keeping it close to (if not up against) your body will amplify its effects. Again, you can hold it while you meditate, keep it in the tub while you take a bath, or tuck it under your pillow (this is especially helpful if your heartbreak is infiltrating your dreams).
Even if you're not mourning the loss of a great love, it's still a good idea to add rainbow obsidian to your crystal collection. In Crystal Muse, Askinosie credits the stone for helping her quiet her thoughts before bed, and return to a regular, restful sleep routine in the process. And crystal aficionado Spencer Pratt (yes, that Spencer Pratt) has sung the praises of a similarly dark, yet protective, stone: black tourmaline. Seriously, darker variety of crystals were made to handle dramas of all forms — even those of reality TV proportions.
The same properties that make rainbow obsidian a catalyst for emotional release can also serve as a gentle reminder to just let things go, even if your initial reaction is to worry or overthink (and, honestly, whose gut doesn't tell them to worry over the little things every so often?). If nothing else, this stone will be a lovely thing to play and fidget with as you ruminate on that awkward encounter you had three weeks ago.