Keep This Crystal On Your Desk Before The Next Big Meeting

Photo: Getty Images.
Some healing crystals are great to have around no matter the situation. Clear quartz is said to promote clarity, black tourmaline can absorb negative energy, and rose quartz is used to open the user's heart. Then, there are lesser-known crystals like cuprite. It might not be the first stone in your collection, but it's a worthy addition if you deal with the dramas of work or everyday life — in other words, just about everyone should give cuprite a chance.
Scientifically speaking, cuprite is a mineral, distinguished by its dark or even brownish-red color, from which copper can be derived. But, spiritually, it's believed to promote a sense of grounding and acceptance.
"Hold onto this crystal when you need a reminder that holding on too tight to things — emotions and outcomes — keeps you stuck," says Heather Askinosie, crystal expert and co-founder of Energy Muse and author of Crystal Muse. She adds that cuprite is believed to encourage the owner to let go of needless stress — especially if they are in a situation where they feel powerless. That's what makes this an excellent stone to have around in your place of work.
You don't need to carry cuprite with you at all times, but if your job tends to be a source of stress in your life, it may serve you to keep one at your desk or in a nearby drawer. Allowing it to imbue your space with its properties may help you feel more confident and secure as you go about your day. Beyond its everyday effects, cuprite can be especially helpful ahead of an important brainstorm, presentation, or any meeting that will call on you to collaborate.
Before going into such a setting, hold your cuprite against your body. The stone's grounding energy will help you feel more present and open to others' perspectives, while reminding you of your own creativity. Should you find yourself at an impasse with a coworker, you may realize you're better off finding another solution than digging in your heels. Askinosie says that cuprite's influence can be the nudge you need to stop dwelling on matters of control and focus more on your natural talents (and how they can serve you).
You can buy cuprite online in several different sizes, depending on your personal preference. Just make sure to keep it charged and cleanse it regularly, so it's ready to go whenever you need.