Layering, At Another Level: Rag And Bone Expertly Piles It On

There is no question that Rag and Bone both knows its audience and can combine its traditional tailored aesthetic with an ever-increasing creative edge, but this season was less about pushing the envelope and all about doing more of what they're good at.
Designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright gave a nod back to their native England with the woven floral fabric, updating it with leather and fur accents. The designers even used the fabric in their accessories — which were show standouts — including a gusseted, square-toed bootie and a large handbag that we would have loved to run away with.
Our takeaway — as always — was about the layering: lace under leather topped with a belted wool blanket, coats over jackets in swirling dark textures, pants under dresses under shawls under was a mastery of layering we're going to be studying all winter.
Photo: Maria Valentino/MCV Photo