How Rent The Runway Changed This R29 Editor’s Spending Habits

Contrary to misconceptions perpetuated by the movies, fashion editors don't have unfettered access to designer samples. But what some of them do rely on to look consistently ahead of the curve is pretty similar: Rent The Runway Unlimited, a premium membership where users can rent four or more items at a time — from more than 600 high-end brands — and swap them whenever they want.
In the video above, Jessica Andrews, Refinery29's deputy fashion editor and longtime Rent The Runway member, takes us on a tour of her (impressively color-coordinated) closet, including some trophy rented pieces, and reveals the surprising effect RTR has had on her finances.
"Since I joined Rent The Runway Unlimited, my spending habits have changed so much," Andrews says. "I shop a lot less, which is great for the environment. I've been able to reallocate that budget toward things I really care about, whether it's taking trips, experiences, or gifts for my family. I have a lot more money now that I'm not shopping every weekend."
To see more, watch above, and visit The Shift, Rent the Runway’s new editorial magazine, for more Closet Economics videos.

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