30-Minute Date Ideas — Because We're All Busy AF This Time Of Year

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Once Thanksgiving is over, it seems like everyone's schedules become one huge black hole. Between the holiday parties, the holiday travel, the holiday shopping, and the holiday hangovers, you may feel like you have zero free time to yourself. And when you have no free time to yourself, you know what you also have no time for? Dating. The holidays are supposed to be a joyful time of year — but they're also so busy that you can't get a damn text back.
But whether you believe it or not, you can squeeze micro dates into even the busiest of days. In fact, there are a handful of dates you can check off your calendar in 30 minutes or less. And while you definitely want to try to find time for long hangouts to really get to know a potential partner, sometimes a half-hour is just the thing.
Ahead, we've got a handful of date ideas you can pull off in less than an hour. No marathon dinners or hours-long cocktail happenings here. Get in, get out, and then get back to your holiday shopping.
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Take a walk around the park.

Who says you actually have to do anything? Taking a stroll gets you out into nature and allows you to focus on just getting to know one another.
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Make a lunch date.

This is especially fantastic if you work near the person you're dating. Skip your sad desk lunch and spend some quality time with your S.O.
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Go browsing in a bookstore.

Make the situation even sweeter by picking out things for one another to read. The next time you guys get together for a longer date, you'll have something to chat about.
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Check out the holiday windows.

You already have to head to the shops to pick up holiday gifts, so ask your partner to meet you for a mid-day shopping break. Check out the decorations in the mall, or if you're in a major city, check out the lights on the closest tree.
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Swing by the farmers' market.

Who thought leeks and carrots could help you form a love connection? Browse the stands with your S.O. and help them understand the difference between a pumpkin and a kabocha squash. Attain expert level by getting your produce shopping handled at the same time.
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Check out a food cart.

Any type of on-the-go food is great for a quick date, but a food cart ups the cool factor. Plus, since you'll be sitting outside, you'll have an excuse to snuggle while you nosh.
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Take a workout class.

Sweating it out with bae > sweating it to the oldies.
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Walk the dog.

Consider your pup the ultimate wingman.
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Watch a single sitcom episode.

Don't have time for a movie? Plop on the couch and watch a TV show. Just make sure it's not Game of Thrones. Keep it short!
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Wine tasting, anyone?

You know that liquor store around the corner from your apartment that always has wine tastings that you never go to? Drag your partner to one for a quick (and, usually, free!) sampling.
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Help one another pick out dinner.

Too cold for the farmer's market? Turn your weekly shopping trip into a quick date. You can raise the stakes by each choosing what the other will take home.
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Video game challenge.

Head to a bar or any place that has old-school video games and square off for a quick battle (of the friendly variety).
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Meet just for dessert.

Skip a full dinner and just go for the sweet stuff.
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Grab a coffee.

Simple, but effective. Also, you can do this one on your lunch break!
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Or a juice... Or hot cocoa...

Coffee not your speed? Literally any beverage will do!
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Have a quickie

Hey, technically it is spending time together.
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