I Tried America’s First Gluten-Free Superfood Bagel & It Was…Good?

I could go my whole life without seeing the adjective "healthy" describe a bagel. Same goes for "superfood," "gluten-free," or, well, any of the descriptors given to Queen St. Bakery's "Bagels With Benefits." Much like the rest of its inventory, the pro-transparency online bakery's new goods are also vegan, non-GMO, nut-free, and comprised of all-natural ingredients — chia, flax, and oat flour, to name a few. Quite frankly, after taking on this review and reading the slew of buzz words, I was more than little hesitant.
Not to make this about me, but bagels are occasionally the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning — sinking my teeth into a fluffy everything bagel with butter, whew. Alas, Queen St. Bakery's healthy snacks found their way to my doorstep, and soon into my toaster. Follow along below as I — plus my gluten-free expert co-worker Kate Spencer whom I coaxed into taking a bite — give America's first superfood bagel a try, below. Oh, did we mention we scored you the Refinery29 exclusive discount code REFINE20 for 20% off your purchase?

The Ingredients

These bagels currently come in two flavors: Cinnamon Raisin and Chia & Flax Seed. When I gabbed to another co-worker about these healthy gems, they immediately inquired, "So if it's not bread...what is it?" I can't confirm whether or not they fit under the umbrella term of bread, but I can inform you of their ingredient list. Instead of the standard wheat flour, yeast, and gluten, Queen St. Bakery subs in chia, flax, beans, millet, and sorghum. This grants you nine grams of fiber per bage. And, according to the brand, it created "the only bread made with chia as the first ingredient (after water)."
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My cinnamon raisin bagel.

Both flavors of bagels are excellent! They toast great, are filling, and best of all I feel great after eating them!

Cheryl w., verified buyer & reviewer

The Taste

First, the texture. The outside is more reminiscent of a soft Sarah Lee bagel and not the smooth fresh-baked buns you get at a deli. Both bagels could give the crusts of Dave's Crazy Bread loaf a run for its money. The interior is somewhat bagel-like — it's comparable to the inside of a raisin bran muffin but could easily be mistaken for wheat bread. The ruggedness of the pastry didn't turn me off. It felt like the brand was basically admitting "there's no point in trying to perfectly emulate a classic, gluten-filled bagel," and I respect that. I also admire the fact the bagels came pre-sliced. After the inspection, I popped them into the toaster, and voila! Two crisp and toasty bagels that looked quite delicious stared back at me.

The very very best best GF bagels ever. And I’ve been searching for 35 years!

jill b., verified buyer & reviewer
A sweet, grainy aroma steamed from the two slices, and I truly was excited to take a bite. One quick slather of butter later, and the experience was...good? There's definitely a sad reality where diet culture forces people to pretend blueberries are dessert and lettuce can replace a burger bun. Once upon a time, I was one of those people, and that version of me would be over the moon to discover these bagels. Surprisingly though, the present me actually enjoyed them enough to clean my plate.
Rather than a lighter, fluffier bagel, the mouthfeel was a bit gummy and dense. The flavor was spot on and had an organic (not artificial) sweetness that harmonized with the earthy grains. After a bite of the Chia & Flax flavor, my co-worker Kate Spencer (remember the gluten-free expert from the intro?) concurred. "It doesn't have that bagel-feel," Kate notes. She does, however, deem it "totally acceptable for a gluten-free food." Her one bite transported her back to the "old-school gluten-free bread days." She then took it one step further and mentioned, "If you were in Malibu Canyon and got a veggie sandwich with sprouts, I would imagine this would be the bread." Her sentiment caused us both to fantasize about how good the Chia & Flax flavor would be when topped with avocado and dashes of salt and pepper.

The Verdict

Queen St. Bakery's honest and transparent approach to food completely checks out. Not once does the brand promise customers a dupe to the classic yeasty bagel. Instead, the bakery created its own version of this renowned baked good that is the perfect addition to the pantry of anyone looking to eat more whole grains, fiber, and protein. If a carb enthusiast like myself can look forward to these gluten-free AND vegan snacks in the morning, then they're truly worth the cash. Plus, our exclusive discount code makes them all the more appetizing. The choice is yours, but I can attest that America's first superfood bagel is an impressive debut.
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