Put a Feather (or a Wishbone) In Your Cap With P&C Hats

We're big hat aficionados here at Refinery29. Trapper hats, men's hats, furry hats, vintage hats—we love them all! And even if we find ourselves growing tired of the same 'ol trusty black fedora, we'll happily trade them in for one of these super-stylish, gorgeously-accented, hand-sculpted-and-sewn hats from Chicago-based accessories line Process and Content. Their very first collection, Mementos & Pastimes, is filled to the brim with bowler hats topped off with an antique monocle, sharp black fedoras trimmed with a dapper red feather, and even a wooly paint-splattered number for the artistically-minded. They may not be lobsters or boats, sure, but they're a hell of a lot easier to wear-n-pair.