This Is What It’s Like To Be A Professional Cuddler

For A Living documents extraordinary women thriving within unique careers. From a professional cuddler to a celebrity exorcist, we explore niche professions that women in the field are dominating. 
It’s 2019 and job options are no longer the cut and dry doctor, lawyer, teacher of our parents’ generation. Today, you can make a living as a fashion influencer, a dog walker, or even a professional cuddler. 
Christina Hepburn lives in Los Angeles, CA and spends her days cuddling clients through the company, Cuddlist, which offers a cuddle therapy service. This service can range from spooning to hand-holding to laying on top of one another — whatever floats the client’s boat.
“When babies aren’t touched, they die. We love to think of ourselves as so different from babies, but in fact, we’re just like adult babies,” Hepburn explains. People crave human touch, and those starved of said touch in Los Angeles, Hepburn provides just that. Her clients range from newly single people to people who haven’t made friends yet in their new city to people who just want a hug. And with sessions at $80 an hour, Hepburn is able to make a full-time living. And why not? As Hepburn says, “We have the power to heal each other, we all have room for more touch.”
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