Fall Blues, Meet Your Rx: A Limited-Edition Prada Doctor Bag

As much as we've been "looking forward to wearing jackets" we're ready to admit to ourselves that the blustery weather (read: flood warnings) aren't all we've imagined them to be. In short, we've got colds and we're wearing sweaters in the office. So, news of Prada's limited-edition NYFW doctor bag comes at just the right time. In celebration of European (and, obviously, NY) Fashion Week, the covetable label is releasing a perfect-for-fall jacquard diamond-printed MD bag that's sure to hold all your season's musts (and is, in-and-of-itself a must — Meta, non?). Sure, splurging for the almost-$2,000-piece might mean getting behind on your rent, but hey, you made it through half of Fashion Month... and now it's time to celebrate. Look forward to snagging the purse in Prada stores near you (if you live in New York, London, Milan, or Paris) at the end of September and consider this your monthly checkup.
Photo: Courtesy of Prada

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