Winter Outfits That Won’t Ruin Your Style Game

Trying to keep your winter style from falling into a rut can be painstakingly tough. At some point near late-December, we all just want to roll out of the house in an outfit that takes minimal effort and ensures optimal coziness in subzero temps. Plus, keeping heat circulating in our bodies triumphs any compliments our coworkers may give an #OOTD. But it's time to rebel against a period of fashion hibernation. And since we feel your pain — our offices are located in chilly New York City — we've cracked the code on how to do this the lazy girl's way.
Duck boots, heat-tech vests, puffer coats — these pieces may be your winter go-tos, but they definitely don't have to be your fallbacks. With a dash of motivation and creativity, these items can actually fit seamlessly into looks that'll keep you feeling warm and looking polished. By adding a leather hoodie here and a sweaterdress there, we've provided some major inspiration towards incorporating your favorite winter duds into enviable ensembles. Let this winter be the one where you don't find yourself in a fashion mess. Instead, prove that comfort and style can go hand-in-hand.
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