These Are The Pore-Clogging Ingredients To Look Out For

If you’re someone who struggles with acne, you're always on the lookout for certain products to keep your skin clear. Typically, that includes bottles labeled non-comedogenic. That’s the technical term for “this stuff won’t clog your pores.” But, like a lot of skin-care buzz words, the term non-comedogenic isn’t regulated by the FDA. So, the product you grab that claims to not plug up your skin might do just that. Kinda cruel, no?
How are you supposed to figure out whether your makeup or moisturizer is going to gunk up your pores? You’ve got to get technical with your ingredients list. We chatted with dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, the man whose eponymous skin-care line is famed for taming the acne beast in many a woman's skin, about which ingredients to be wary of if you're prone to breakouts.
Keep these guys in mind the next time you scan the back of your bottle, and if you see one of the ingredients ahead, says Dr. Gross, put that product down and walk away. It’s that simple. Get the full scoop, straight ahead.

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