Plus-Size Models Can Make People Sad, Wal-Mart Can Make Shoppers Happy, And Ryan McGinley's Subject's Goals

"This guy Sean has his entire body done. I asked him what he wanted to do and he told me 'Make money and get tattooed.' I love that as a life philosophy. I wish I was that focused." At least Ryan McGinley's pretty subjects have goals. (Vice)
A study out of ASU says plus-size models don't make consumers feel any better about themselves, and in some cases make them feel worse. (HuffPo)
Christie Brinkley auctioned the Armani dress from her 1996 wedding to ex-husband and royal asshole Peter Cook, who responded almost exactly how we'd expect him to. (Styleite)
Alberta Ferretti is partnering with YOOX to launch an online shop promising "immediacy, fun, freedom and interactivity." (The Fix)
Anglophiles, rejoice! The British Fashion Council will host a showcase of 21 British up-and-comers at the Soho Grand later this month. (Telegraph)
"She loves Wal-Mart. She's happy to be at Wal-Mart. She goes there because she feels good about it." Wal-Mart pride, from the big-box's beauty aisles. (WWD)

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