6 Plus-Size Bloggers Address Anti-Chafing

There are some patently awesome aspects to summer — long, sunny days; outdoor seating; the fact that you don't have to spend five minutes wrangling your layers each time you arrive and exit a building — but, of course, there could not be good without bad. Summer can also have you melting from your normal fabulous self into a sweaty, chafed-up, itchy, ouchy mess.
We've previously told you how to beat the heat with some keep-cool tips, today we're bringing you solutions to that other summer bummer: chafing. It can happen to us all; every gender and every size can suffer from the friction burn of skin-on-skin contact. But instead of just suffering with your rubbed-raw body, we've got some tips to help you navigate the chafe from some of our favorite plus-size bloggers.
Although this is not an issue suffered only by plus-size people (and there are plenty who luck out and don't have this problem), these women (myself included) have been honest and transparent about this issue and want to pass along their insight to you. Keep scrolling to see their tips, and feel free to add yours in the comments!

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