You Asked, Our Expert Answered: Here Are 3 Tips On Wearing Vintage

As a vintage-obsessed woman, I often find myself looking in the mirror and asking “is this too much?” I, too, have hesitations about looking like I’m headed to a costume or veering dangerously close to shabby chic territory. Still, vintage fashion provides such an incredible source for unexpected, embellished garments, ultra-feminine finds, and eclectic trends from the past that are still inspirational. Here are a few of my simple tricks to pulling off vintage in an utterly modern way.
Mix Old & New: Wear your vintage garment with modern styles and silhouettes. Idea: Try a vintage, oversized sequin shift shirt worn off the shoulder with skinny jeans, a simple clutch and killer heels.
Tailor To A T: Finding vintage clothing that fits you perfectly is almost impossible. But when in doubt, don't pass up a special piece if it's not quite your size: Just have it tailored. Make sure the length suits your height and the waist hits you at the right spot.
Personalize It: I love to make a vintage piece my own by adding a unique and personal touch that feels very ME. If you want to wear a vintage lace dress with a leather jacket and converse high-tops…DO IT. Feel free to experiment with contrasting styles, accessories, and color palettes to bring an old piece refreshingly into the present.
- Tess