The Sneaky Girl’s Guide To Cosmetic Enhancements

Let's get one thing out of the way first: We're not saying anybody needs plastic surgery, fillers, or any other cosmetic enhancements. Love what you've got — that's our motto. At the same time, we know plenty of people who feel a bit better with their wrinkles softened or their nose straightened. That's okay, too.
Not that it's easy to say who's had a little "help" and who's natural. These days, the frozen-faced Botox look is passé, and breast enhancements are often so subtle that they look untouched. "It's really individual," says Michael C. Edwards, MD,, a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas and the president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. "Some women have absolutely stunning lips, and they've never had a thing done. Some have thin lips and use a little filler."
To find out how people are using cosmetic surgery and injectables in stealth mode, we found 10 not-so-obvious treatments that deliver results. Some are quick and temporary, while others are serious surgeries. The point is, you can't always tell — and that's just how many people like it.

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