Plastic Panties: A Pre-Bikini Wax Treatment That Numbs Your Lady Bits

Add this to the list of possibly wacky things to do to your vagina in the name of grooming: slather it with numbing cream and then hitch on some pink latex panties. Allow us to explain, because we're all for getting the most pain-free bikini wax possible: BareEase & Cream, a new bikini wax prep kit that comes with a Lidocaine-based numbing cream and pink latex panties, was created by Anesthesiologist Dr. Edna Ma to combat her, and really everyone's, "wholly unpleasant" bikini wax experience. Just apply the cream 30 minutes before your appointment (Dr. Ma chose Lidocaine because it's the most widely used anesthetic and she added moisturizing aloe to the cream, too) and then slip on the latex panties to keep the cream in place and protect your clothes. You go about your day, pop in for your appointment, toss the panties, and the result is an ouch-less, anxiety-free bikini wax or laser treatment. Pretty much the only time being insensitive will work out in your favor.
BareEase & Cream, $24.99, available at BareEase.

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