5 Popular Plant-Based Extracts & What They Do For Your Skin

You don't have to be a nutritionist to realize the bevy of benefits that come from incorporating plant-based foods into your diet. Between lowering cholesterol and filling your belly with healthy fiber, munching your daily dose of fruits, grains, and veggies is practically a no-brainer. But what about applying them topically?
For the record, although some items in your pantry can do double duty — e.g., honey as face wash — we’re definitely not saying you should start exfoliating with kale. Instead, save the beauty experiments for the vlogger-sphere and look for products with plant-based extracts like goji berry and turmeric. Ahead, we're breaking down five skin superfoods, which you can also find in Clarins' Double Serum, that are proven to play just as important a role in your skin care as in your sustenance.

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