One Un-Crafty Blogger Attempts All Of Pinterest’s DIYs, Fails Gloriously

It's probable that you've already got a board on Pinterest, filled with all of the projects, DIYs, and crafts you want to try… but haven't quite gotten around to. This is likely (in part) due to the fact that you know your attempt could turn out looking like it was made by a drunk five-year-old with flippers for hands. With an eager attitude, and the crafting chops of an Average Joe, Pintester tries it out for the benefit of all such Joes in the universe. Taking on some of Pinterest's most popular recipes, DIYs, and beauty tips, we now know what they'd look like if you didn't have fancy camera filters and Martha Stewart-level skills to work with. Pork chops look a little more watery than saucy, the plus-one pedicure looks a little more minus, and the no-sew pillow cover looks exactly like your stoner college friend would, if you folded her into a 12"x12" square. Thank you, Pintester friend, for ruining the pillowcases, pedicures, and pork chops, so we don't have to. (Pintester)

Photo: Via Pintester


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