30 Bedrooms So Dreamy, You Won’t NEED A Vacation

This story was originally published on July 1, 2015.
"Any exciting plans for the long weekend?"
I hate this question. My exciting plans for the weekend including crying about my bank balance and eating my feelings. Of course, I never say that out loud. I nod and smile, as if to say, "Oh, headed out to the Hamptons for a plein air soirée," when I really mean, "Maybe hopping over to a friend's place because they have a George Foreman grill and their mom's HBO Go password." Aren't our twenties great?
If you're in the same budget-minded boat, we've got the perfect staycation for you. It involves sitting right where you are and pinning the shit out of some gorgeous bedrooms, because you've finished your summer crafting, disillusioned yourself of any Hudson Valley home ownership fantasies, and hacked your way to the best non-party party ever. Click through to get inspired and embrace the little things in life — we're right there with you.