6 Home Ownership Truths That Will Shake You To Your Core

Photographed by Erica Gannett.
Are you plagued by recurring dreams of ditching your rental in the city and buying your own place upstate? A bungalow in the Hudson Valley sounds nice right about now, doesn't it? But behind that clapboard facade lurks a hard truth — homeownership kind of sucks.

Sure, it seems like a lovely concept, but have you ever thought about how much responsibility owning a house actually entails? Taking the garbage out every Monday is enough of a chore. Owning a home certainly has its advantages and can make for a solid long-term investment, but the fantasy is best served with a solid dose of reality. We spoke with Porch.com editor-in-chief Anne Reagan to parse through the complex costs of owning a home, and came out with these six hard truths — apologies in advance to your burgeoning inner lifestyle guru.

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