How To Master Pinpoint Concealing Like A Pro

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Here at R29, we get to test some pretty nifty skin-care
products. While some of them work wonders on our complexions, we’re not immune
to getting breakouts — in fact, we’re willing to bet that nobody is.
Dealing with a smattering of blemishes is stressful enough, but trying to
conceal them in a way that looks natural is even more frustrating than having
them in the first place.      

Luckily for us, we have some pretty incredible teachers (a.k.a. professional makeup artists) who have concealing down to a tee. One pro in particular, celeb makeup artist and YouTube beauty guru Lisa Eldridge, has mastered a foolproof method. Enter: pinpoint concealing. Eldridge has preached about this technique in countless videos, including one where she demonstrates how to expertly conceal acne-prone skin.
The technique involves dotting a minute amount of heavy-duty concealer directly onto the blemish, and then lightly blending the edges until they appear seamless. The cover-up that Eldridge has sworn by for years is Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage, which comes with two opaque hues that are made to mix or use alone, depending on whether you're covering up dark circles or blemishes. Eldridge stresses the importance of getting an exact color match for your skin: “If you’ve chosen the right shade, it should completely blend in with the surrounding skin,” she says. You will also need a tiny brush to make the dabbing process effortless. Or, you can use an eyeliner brush — like this one from Sigma — for ultra-precise application.  The key to conquering pinpoint concealing is what Eldridge calls "stippling" the product directly onto the blemish and then blending. “Just pat with fingers, and make sure that you’re really blending those edges away,” she says. “It’s a little bit like retouching your skin, like you’re almost photoshopping yourself.”  The blend of textures also contributes to that air-brushed look — a liquid foundation evens out redness, while following up with a cream does double-duty. To make sure your complexion's texture is even throughout, finish with a lightweight, translucent powder, buffing it into the skin with a large, fluffy brush. Spots, be gone. 

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