Dog Tags, Ball Chains, And More: Why Does This Guy (Fieri) Have A Jewelry Line?

The guy who sports a platinum Sonic the Hedgehog 'do, a Burnt Sienna goatee, and a pinky ring is now the proud designer of his own jewelry line. Site OpenSky is selling Fieri's collaboration with Room 101 . There are big chain things, dog tags, cufflinks (to wear with your Ed Hardy button-down, naturally), but curiously, no pinky rings — a statement Fieri's notorious for wearing. Says Fieri: "Here it is: The real deal bling! This stuff is off-da-hook. It's some killer bling. It'll make for a kewl gift for the holidays." We'll leave you to decipher that. In the video below, check out Fieri's plans to create more jewelry, including trendy knuckle-dusters and the aforementioned pinky ring. Click through for images from his current line, but we suggest holding off until he fully fleshes out his vision, in case you have a man in your life that likes to eat his bacon-wrapped, hot-dog-stuffed burger pizza with his pinky ring in the air.
Photo: Via OpenSky

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